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Dodge your Normal Workout and Come to the Pole Gym


Spreading Superpower across the world Is the mission of Pole Tific Fitness! 

Starting from an In Home Studio the founder, Tiffany Lewis expanded the horizon and opened

Pole Tific Fitness Studio in 2016.

A welcoming, comfortable, motivating fitness center just for women, located in

West Milwaukee Wisconsin. 

"Like the average women, lifestyle, stress and child baring took a toll on my body.

I decided to take my life back and start a fitness plan that would work for me.


Me and a formal co-worker joined a gym, but it wasn't interesting or motivating enough to return.

I began  searching  the web for Dancing classes and I came across Pole Dancing. I was so  fascinated  by the blogs &  videos, So I went out and purchased a  Dancing Pole for at  Home.  

However , my at home self lessons did not work out too well- considering I had no pole dancing experience to began with.

Come to realize I most definitely needed  Pole Lessons. Found a local Pole Fitness Studio in my area,

Took a few lessons and instantly I built lean muscle, lost weight and gained confidence.

My metabolism increased as my arms, legs, and abdominal region was toning in ways I could never imagined. From that moment on, I was convinced Pole Dancing was the exercise for me.

I love when people ask “what gym do you go to? or "How did you get so strong? "

I proudly say, “Pole Tific Fitness.”

The Beauty of working out and releasing your inner sexy can not compare to a Gym.

In 2015, I was determined every women should experience the joy and benefits of pole dancing, which lead to the amazing foundation of Pole Tific Fitness Studio.

Our objective is to encourage and help every women feel  STRONG, confident, sexy, and Healthy

Come be apart of this Trend of Fitness. Join Pole Tific Fitness Today! "

-Tiffany Lewis


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