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Q- What is the size of each class?
A- Each class is a approx 4 personals

Q- Is there an age limit?
A- Yes there is an age limit. You must be 18 years of age to participate in Pole Tific Fitness class or event.

Q- Is there a weight limit?
A- Our poles are very sturdy and professionally installed. There is a weight limit of 350lb 

Q- What do I wear?
A- Wear comfortable loose fitted clothing ex. Shorts, T-shirt, Tennis shoes, & Trainers. Heels are encouraged but not required.

Q- What if I show up late?
A- We appreciate it if you arrive to class promptly, due to the limited timing of poling.

Anyone more than 10min late will need to take the next scheduled class.

Q- How long is each class?
A- Each Group class is 45 min in length

Q- Do I need to sign up in advance?
A- Yes, prior registration is required. Advance sign up is suggested as our classes often fills quickly

Q- Do you offer Private Sessions?
A- Yes we Offer Private (Exclusive) 35 min & 55min sessions with one of our certified Pole Fitness Instructors

Q- What is the refund policy
A- Pole Tific has a non-refund policy 

Q- Do you need to be strong or flexible?
A- No, you”ll gain strength and flexibility the moment you start pole class

Q- What is burlesque?
A- Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical dance. 

Q- Is there a changing room?
A- Yes there is a restroom and changing area

Q- Can by husband or significant other watch me during class?
A- This is a women's only fitness center, to respect the other ladies privacy. No males are allowed in Studio during pole sessions.
We do have Non-discrimination policy and are open to gender change

Q- Are children allowed in the studio?
A- Children are not allowed in the studio, everyone must be of 18 yrs of Age

Q- Is Parking available?
A- Yes, side street parking

Q- What to bring to class?
A- Please bring Water bottle, Towel, & Yoga Mat if possible

**NO LOTIONS, CREAMS, OR OILS on areas of the skin that may touch the pole.

Hours of operation:
Pole Tific Fitness is open Sunday thru Saturday 10am to 10pm
By Appointment Only 

Any Additional Questions and Concerns Please Contact Tiffany at 

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