Pole Classes

(More private than usual, but not fully private)

One Pole Class: $20.00
Two Pole Classes: $35.00

Tried it, and Now you Love it? 

Monthly Memberships:

  One Class per Week: $75.00
  Two Classes per Week $150.00
  Three Classes per Week $220.00


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Pole Classes

Pole Fitness is a great workout for improving Strength and Endurance. You'll see improvement quickly as it tones your

entire body.

Want to Give it a Try?

**All Classes are 55 min Long and must start and end on time, as we are often booked for back to back sessions.

Other Classes Offered:
Soft Yoga
Urban Dance
Chair / Burlesque 
Tummy Melt (Ab/Core)


Pole Classes

(One on One lessons w/ Instructor)


One Pole Class: $30.00
Two Pole Classes: $55.00

Monthly Membership:

    One Class per Week: $119.00
    Two Classes per Week: $229.00
    Three classes per Week: $349.00


Already have Pole Experience and want to practice on techniques? 

Open Pole

(Must Have Advance Pole Experience)

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Tel: 903-883-7653(Pole)

Hours of operation:
Pole Tific Fitness is open Sunday thru Saturday 10am to 10pm
By Appointment Only 

Milwaukee, WI  |  5330 W Burnham Street West Milwaukee, 53219

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